Can How To Raise Children Affect Your Marriage?

The techniques that are used to raise children are often handed down through generations without much modification. The principles laid down by great grandparents and their attitude to discipline tend to be evident in the child rearing practices of the present generation.

This is compounded by the fact that two separate family trees have contended on a daily basis through these generations about the principles and techniques to be used. Even minor differences in approach might produce conflict because parents are passionate about what is best for their children.

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Key to self-control and discipline

The key to self-control and discipline:
If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check. James

Thought usually precedes speech. So if tongue control = perfection we have to discipline our thoughts to achieve self-control. This is the renewal of the mind.

Just don’t do it!

The ultimate test of self-discipline is when everything about you says “Just do it!” you somehow find the strength not to do it. We are pretty good at re-affirming commitments to do or not to do a list of things. However, the acid challenge to compliance really takes place in a fleeting moment. If only we could recall some of those decisive moments.

Truth is that discipline has to become a reflex action. No time for thinking. We have to train ourselves to produce certain “automated” responses to given stimuli. The Bible teaches: Flee from the very appearance of evil. Discipline needs to be grounded in some knee-jerk reactions.

Just don’t do it!

TV discipline…

Replace one of your regular TV shows with work on a life goal. Apply the same level of discipline. Do not miss the start time and stay with it to the very end. Turn down all invitations, phone calls etc. so that you do not miss “your show.”

If you keep to the task with the same regularity and fervor as with the TV show you will be amazed at the success that you will achieve in achieving one of your life goals.

Discipline must be all pervasive

#Discipline must be all pervasive. Indiscipline in one area leaks into other areas. This is one time to sweat the small stuff and adopt a no tolerance approach to any signs of indiscipline in our lives.

Time keeping, grooming, housekeeping, money management, Bible study, worship, prayer, control of the tongue, eating, inter-personal relations, life style……

Weed out indiscipline at its first appearance. Do not wait until it is fully grown.


Identifying and counting the cost of consequences supports #discipline.

When the cost is known we have greater clarity of thought. Reality check: “This is not worth it or I better get this done”. The instant gratification of sleeping late pales in comparison to the cost of losing your job.

The key is to understand that discernment is an essential companion of discipline.