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“Timing is everything” is a quote from somewhere that rings in my head. Especially over the past days I have been reflecting on the difference in timing from God’s perspective as against ours.

Perhaps because of our limited life span, there is an immediacy that is attached to our needs and wants. Our desires must be satisfied instantly and we take that over into our prayer life. God should be on duty for us and respond immediately to our prayer request. Indeed, He should not wait on our prayers, He should fulfill our needs without prompting.

Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength (Isa 40:31)

God’s Providence is reliable and His blessings are assured for those who put their trust in Him. He consistently addresses our needs according to His infinite wisdom and His schedule. Timing is everything – God’s timing that is.


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Is Don Drummond Charlie Parker Reincarnated?

I met Charlie Parker as a young lad being inducted into jazz by my cousin. I met Charlie at the same time as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. John was a bit too deep for me. Dave Brubeck came along with Paul Desmond. Desmond dampened my enthusiasm and appreciation of Charlie Parker.

My introduction to Don Drummond came years later through the medium of dance music. The Skatalites were all the rage. One night at the UWI Student’s Union will live on my memory. “Please, please don’t crowd the bandstand”, pleaded the MC as everyone wanted to be as close as possible to one of the most skilful aggregation of musicians ever assembled anywhere on the planet.

I should link Roland Alphonso or even Tommy McCook the sax players to Charlie Parker. However, it is not the instrument that causes me to tie Parker and Drummond together.

I just watched a documentary on Charlie Parker and one thing that stood out was the “never ending solo” that he blew. The documentary suggested that the drummer had to throw part of his equipment at his feet to get Parker to stop.

That was vintage Don Drummond!

Don would stand quietly for long periods. But when he got inspired he would blow and blow and blow.

Both Parker and Drummond did the unexpected with their instruments. Listening was an adventure.

Unfortunately, they both had bouts of mental illness and departed relatively early.

They leave behind exciting catalogues.

Click the links below to meet Charlie Parker and Don Drummond.   Don Drummond Man in the street  Don Drummond Addis Ababa Charlie Parker Beebop Charlie Parker Ornithology




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