Success with People Academy


The Success with People (SWP) 3-step strategy for success

The SWP 3-step strategy uses an easily understood, non-judgemental way to describe our options for coping with the circumstances that we face. In essence, it classifies the approaches, strategies or tool-kits that we have available for dealing with situations into four distinct groups:

  • Dominance (Red): The tendency to take control of situations.
  • Inducement (Yellow): The tendency to interact with and influence others.
  • Steadiness (Green): The tendency to work harmoniously and consistently, especially in teams.
  • Compliance (Blue): The tendency to focus on rules, structure and details.

We all have access to all the tool-kits at all times. The truth is we do in fact use tools from all of them at some time. No one set of tools are better or worse than any other across the board. Some work better in given circumstances and poorly in other situations. The trick is to pick the best tool for the situation at hand.

Fundamental keys to success lie in:

  1. Getting more comfortable using tools from all 4 DISC tool-kits
  2. Learning to identify which DISC tools best suit any given situation and
  3. Developing the discipline to use an appropriate DISC tool for every situation.

Mastery of this SWP 3-step strategy is guaranteed to produce significant transformation at the personal, group and organization levels.

This will be a fun spot as we will regularly share SWP Funecdotes that will help you to better understand the behaviours that are typical of each of the 4 DISC styles. Remember, these are not people although you may link styles to individuals.

On a shopping trip

Let’s call the tool-kits people – friends.

The four friends are in need of tops – shirts or blouses.

D sees an apparent break in the schedule and dashes to the most convenient department store. D rushes to the first attendant in sight and points to the limited time that is available to make the purchase. The attendant is ‘encouraged’ to leave his post to assist D on this critical mission. D quickly chooses the tops and scoots out of the store.

I walks into the store and speaks to the first attendant in sight. Before long I finds out that the attendant is in fact an unknown cousin and I spends time cementing this new link in the family. I wanders through on the way to the clothing section and takes time out to preview the latest Lauryn Hill CD. It is great and solves the challenge of selecting a gift for ‘loving spouse’ for the birthday that was unfortunately forgotten. I takes care to select distinctive tops that will attract favorable comment.

S enters the store with a couple of friends. Close at hand are the three lists that in-laws have asked S to pick up, with details of size, color and design. There are also some hardware items and some bathroom mats. The friends also have lists that cover multiple departments. S and friends move systematically through each department. They take the load off their feet at the soda fountain. They achieve consensus on each purchase and        share notes on potential future purchases and they finally leave with a feeling of ‘mission accomplished’.

C has recognized the need for tops as part of the scheduled review of wardrobe needs. Over the past month, C has carefully studied the Sale offerings of stores within a 30-minute drive of home. The ads have been clipped and filed. It is clear that on the surface, this store has the best offer and C is about to effect the purchase. C has a copy of the ad (beside the coupons for the supermarket shopping that will start at 10:05 am, promptly) – just in case someone tries to get a higher price. C establishes the return policy and tries to find out more about the store’s experience with this particular manufacturer. C makes an informed purchase and moves along on schedule.


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