Key to self-control and discipline

The key to self-control and discipline:
If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check. James

Thought usually precedes speech. So if tongue control = perfection we have to discipline our thoughts to achieve self-control. This is the renewal of the mind.


Power walks, health and success

Great value comes from enhancing your power walk with single-minded focus on one challenge. You invariably get breakthrough solutions.

A Power walk improves physical and mental health. Do not waste it by being distracted by music. Focus thoughts on resolving issues.

A Power walk is also great for Afformations (Noah St. John). Walk to affOrm success -physically, mentally, financially & socially.

My thoughts about God: Master painter

I am blessed with a view of the mountains from my home office desk. I am just amazed by the subtle nuances of color, shape and shadings that create so many different moods and feelings.

Today, Christmas eve, the sky is a deeper, brighter shade of blue and the clouds are glistening white. This is an upbeat picture to inspire a positive, festive day.

My thoughts about God today includes the fact that he is THE master painter!

What are your thoughts about God right now? Take a minute and share…it will be a blessing to me and others.