A Revolution in Behavioral Assessments

The Extended DISC platform of behavioral solutions has been transformed and is ready to alter how organizations address assessments in the future.

This is truly revolutionary.

It is a blank canvas on which to paint virtually anything your mind can conceive.

Below is a sneak peek of a sample comparative analysis for multiple persons applying for a Client Services position.

CSR Role Fit (Extract)

This Sample Report Extract shows the direct comparison of the results of multiple parties with respect to a battery of situation-specific behavioural competencies.

This will give you a sense of what you will be able to do with the platform. This is the type of situation/target specific report that can be produced in short order. The limits are defined by our joint creativity.

This then opens up huge possibilities for use in recruitment and coaching for performance improvement. You can customize the competencies and factors to be used in the evaluation and present the results for all candidates one below the other in the same report. Alternatively, you can produce individual reports.

There is an increasingly large library of behavioral competencies to choose from when creating your reports.

At the same time, it is our work with the development of high performance teams that evokes the highest level of acclamation from Extended DISC clients across the globe.

The Team Maps provide instant insights into the orientation of the team (and entire organization) to current and future demands. They are also invaluable in guiding decisions with respect to the roles that team members are best suited to play.

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JOB FIT Behavioral Analysis

JOB FIT Behavioral Analysis

In most organizations, there is a tendency to define the “technical” requirements for jobs – professional skills, training/education, work experience, language skills, etc. Most organizations, however, are not equipped to assess the behavioural requirements of a job. Many failures in jobs are not based on a lack of professional skills but on deficiencies in dealing with people and communication problems. A seminal Harvard study attributed 85% of success to Inter-personal skills and only 15% to Technical competence.

In the quest to bridge this gap, Extended DISC lends support to the job fit evaluation process. The intervention has three components:

1. A behaviour oriented Job Analysis exercise.
2. Completion of personal behavioural analyses
3. Interview mapping

The Extended DISC Job Analysis is an effective and powerful tool that collects and combines the opinions of key players in an organization about the behavioural competencies that are required to effectively perform a particular job.

The objective of the exercise is to produce a template for the ideal behavioural style for undertaking the job in question. This analysis provides the template against which the natural behavioural style of candidates is compared to produce a behavioural gap analysis. The analysis also adds value in the following areas:

    Gaining clarity about the job and identifying facets that might not otherwise be recognized up front.
    Aligning the job with the vision and mission of the organization through structured discussion.
    Analysing and working through differences of opinion among key stakeholders as to how the job ought to be performed.
    Identifying areas of responsibility that may need to be taken away from the job or added to it.
    Recognizing situations in which the performer of the job may require specified support.
    Establishing the critical success factors with respect to the job and agreeing on a framework for the performance measures that will govern the job.

Implementation is swift and easy. Up to 8 persons who are clear about the requirements of the job are asked to complete an Extended DISC Job Analysis Questionnaire individually. These results are input into the Extended DISC Job Analysis application to produce the template against which individual behavioural analyses will be compared.

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis uses the preferred multi-phrase questionnaire model and over 2 million lines of text to produce a comprehensive profile of the “natural” style of individuals in addition to a report on how they “perceive” they ought to behave to deal with the current environment.

The report includes a specific analysis of the respondent’s behavioral style and has the unique Compare to Job feature. This allows for direct mapping of the individual’s natural inclination with the requirements of the job. This behavioural gap analysis is a powerful tool not only for assisting in the selection process but in guiding the coaching and more effective deployment of the person.

Organizations have taken advantage of the Interview Mapping add-on service. Extended DISC trained recruiters review the Job Analysis template along with the behavioural analyses of short-listed candidates and prepare guidelines for special probing and clarification during the interview process. http://www.extendeddisc.com/caribbean