Dealing with Stress

John Gray points out that men deal with stress differently from women. Watch the video below.

Our behavioral preferences also influence how we handle stress.

Dominance-orientation (outgoing/task oriented):

Seek a solution. At least lose myself in action.  If I am fully engaged in meaningful activity that I am making progress and the stressor gets pushed into the background.

Influence/Inducement-orientation (outgoing/people oriented):

Put a positive spin on the situation. I will find blue skies somewhere. In the worst case, I find comfort in the thought that this too will pass. In the meantime, I will find something interesting to attract my attention. Live is too short to spend it moping.

Steadiness-orientation (reserved/people oriented):

This calls for support. Together WE can deal with this issue. Let us discuss this and collectively find solutions. I will remain calm but this matter will engage my attention. I am not comfortable simply ignoring it.

Compliance/Conscientiousness (reserved/task oriented):

Go into review mode. Work to find the cause. Evaluate the potential  impact. List possible strategies for resolving the problem and the pros and cons. Choose the best option. Batten down for the worst.

Here is the John Gray take on how men and women handle stress.