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What’s the catch?

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Here are two serious questions for you:

1. What is it that motivates you to change?

2. If you don’t like the results you are getting, What will motivate you to change the actions you are taking?

If you ask a smoker to quit his 10 year long habit and not smoke anymore for the rest of his life, you probably will get much resistance. Until the smoker experiences something drastic in their own life, he probably won’t be willing to quit.

It would take something like seeing a friend pass away from lung cancer. Or maybe the smoker doesn’t want to see their own children follow in their footsteps.

Until something DRASTIC happens in their life, until the smoker first experiences PAIN as a result of smoking — change is UNLIKELY to take place in the person’s life.

The same is true with just about anything, though…

Perhaps you’re in an unhappy relationship.

Perhaps your career isn’t bringing you the level of success you have always wanted.

Perhaps you are trying to build a business of your own but so far, all you seem to do is spend money, not
make it.

How can you change these patterns?

How can you motivate yourself for big change in your finances, your health, or even your relationships?

The secret is simple…

“It requires an EXTREME effort. It requires ACTION!”

This means that you MUST completely abandon your OLD HABITS and start with a 180 degree different approach that will bring you what you want in your life.

Change is often painful by itself, though. But you can get through it if you have someone to support you both physically and emotionally. Someone who helps you get what you truly want in life.

Go ahead and do yourself a favor. Ask yourself the following:

A. Who are the people in your life that love you and want to see you grow?

B. Who are the people in your life who are willing to do whatever it takes to see you achieve what you want in life?

C. Who are the people in your life who would like to make the same changes you are making in your life?

Identify them. Tell them the changes you want to make.

Ask them for their support. Create a support group.

Network with them. Take your life to the next level.

This is how you grow.

This is how you are able to achieve success in your life.


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This will help you know just what you need to do in order to do whatever it takes to become the person you want to be in life.

Go for it!

Success is YOURS,


Author of “Success in Marriage – Proven frameworks for lasting relationships”

Success in Marriage


Afformations, Faith, the Subconscious and Believing Prayer

AFFORMATIONS (no misprint) help your subconscious to believe your prayers in faith. Read more of this high impact article below.

Success in Marriage

Success in Marriage

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AFFORMATIONS (no misprint) help your subconscious to believe your prayers in faith.

Behaviour modification is difficult to achieve because our actions are largely driven by our subconscious. The patterns of behaviour that we have recorded on the video of our lives are registered in our subconscious and play a major role in our future actions.

The subconscious uses this pattern to determine which actions are in line with who we are. Some of us do not steal because that is NOT who we are. Some of us exercise regularly because that is who we are.

Making significant change requires us to modify the who we are picture that the subconscious has. Staying in bed instead of going jogging is not who we are so we dutifully resist the suggestion from the conscious mind to turn over and draw the covers over our head.

Smokers are challenged to get their subconscious to be aligned with the thought that that are someone that does not crave nicotine and the smoking habit.

Afformations is a clever technique for bypassing the doorkeeper to the subconscious mind and slipping in ideas that would normally be blocked.

The technique tricks the doorkeeper that stops new ideas coming from your conscious thoughts from interfering with what your subconscious has grown used to accepting as reality.

Learn more here:  http://www.noahtools.com/cmd.php?af=1260954&p=6

Many times we mouth prayers but we really do not believe that they will be answered favourably. Consequently, we fail to move forward in faith as if God had already granted our wishes. That is the essence of believing prayer.

Afformations work on the stubborn disbelief lodged in our subconscious and bring us to the point where we are able to accept that what we have asked for is in fact being granted. It helps us to move towards the surety with which Joshua marched around Jericho.

It might be a long walk but these walls will come down.

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