R.O.M.P. Framework for Marital Bliss

A guide to sustaining marital bliss

R – re-visit! Look back on the high points of your courting and marriage. Re-live them in thought and in deed. Re-discover why you are partners. Relate!

O – open up! Communicate freely and frequently. Omit malice and fault-finding.

M – Mate! The physical elements of mating have the potential to cover over some other deficiencies. Remember though your Mate is your friend and partner and with that comes loyalty, commitment and sharing. Manage your finances well. Money worries are bliss-sapping.

P– Play! Spend time fun times together. Play board games, physical games, walking, jogging. Include ‘playing the fool’ – good old-fashioned romping. Pray together…heals wounds, overcomes difficulties and charts success.