Getting ready

Some of us are still on the warm up track stretching and getting ready for the race while the starter’s pistol has gone off in the stadium.

We sometimes miss opportunities because we fail to recognize when the time has come to shift from preparation to active engagement.

We fail to get to market because we fiddle around with the product … just a little longer. We fail to contact customers because we need to spend some more time getting our sales pitch right.

The time has come for action!

Getting things done:The 4-Criteria Model

4-Criteria Model for Choosing Actions in the Moment (Getting Things Done – David Allen)

1. Context : Location, access to enabling resources influence what can and cannot be done in the moment.

2. Time available: The key is when do you have to do something else? You can’t fit a 20-minute task into 5 minutes.

3. Energy available: Starting a task that requires a lot of creative energy when you are challenged to keep your eyes open is not such a good idea.

4. Priority: Given the 3 above, choose the action that gives you the highest returns.