BB Black-out Stems Worry

Worry is usually triggered by receipt of new information. We process the incoming information in a way that prompts us to be concerned about the future. That in turn can translate into varying degrees of worry.

What if the information that triggered our concern was delayed? Would we worry about it the situation? Not at all.

Many persons would have had a chance to put away their worry beads during the BB Blackout.

This situation should give us pause to recognize that worry is a choice that we make. If we can have fun because we are unaware of the situation, it is not the event that causes worry. Rather it is what goes on in our heads. Worry then is a function of what goes on in our heads. That means that we have control over whether we worry or not.

The key is how we process incoming information. Learning to put a positive spin on new developments is a great antidote to worry. The key is to envision blue skies in the end.

A strong faith-based outlook is the ultimate antidote to worry.


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