Inspiring Story

The army readies for battle.

The General commands the drummer to beat the “Attack” rhythm.

The army advances and suffers heavy losses.

The General commands the drummer to beat “Retreat”.

The drummer continues to beat “Attack” despite the General’s desperate shouting for “Retreat” to the played.

In tears the drummer confesses: “Attack is all I know General. They never taught me Retreat.”

Happy ending: The army continues to push forward to the beat of “Attack” and overcomes the enemy.

Discard “Retreat” from your playlist so that “Attack” will be all that you know. When the chips are down and defeat stares you in the face  – attack.

Attack – doubt.

Attack – fear.

Attack – with a clarity of purpose and thought.

Attack – with a carefully crafted plan of action.

Attack – with the goal in mind.

Attack – with God as your leader!



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