Step-Children Driving A Wedge Between Wife and Husband

A frightening number of marriages are being ripped apart by a failure to fit step-children into the mix. While husbands dote on their progeny, wives are driven to despair.

Look at two case studies here.


  1. It’s tough being a step-parent. As a step-mom there are days I feel just like these wives. I have learned to cope through taking time out for myself and fortunately, I have a very supportive husband who is always trying to maintain that delicate balance between his children and me and his former spouse. But as step parents we have a responsibility to understand that children and former spouses are part of the package. If you marry someone with children, you can’t have the spouse without the child – that’s just not the way it works. It helps me to remember that no one is perfect – give yourself, your spouse and your stepchild a break from expectations that may be set too high. There is no “right” or “wrong” thing to be done – just what works for the FAMILY.

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