Keeping An Open Mind

I had a visit with a very communicative medic. He shared insights from a recent conference that he had attended. As it turns out, it may result in a change in how he addresses some situations that he has to treat.

It is instructive, that after years of rigorous study and significant experience, he stills finds it necessary to expose himself to new ideas and to actually move to implement them.

I am concerned that this level of hunger for knowledge is being swept aside by the pressures of daily living. My own confession is that I am spending a lot less time searching out new information that I did years ago. Access is easier but the distractions are greater. In reality, I think it is the commitment level that has waned. My mind is not as open to new information as it used to be. It is too caught up in daily struggles.

But what of our medic?

What if he got stuck in his practice and never took the time to open his mind to new information? The very patients that he would be slaving to serve would in fact be the worse for it.

So, having read this, what are you going to do?

I am committing to keeping my mind open to a much greater degree than at present.