Where was God?

When tragic events occur, many voices are raised in a mighty chorus asking “Where was God?”

Many of the voices in that chorus have not spoken the word “God” in a while….not since the last tragedy.

A simple series of answers come to mind:

God was where He was when by His grace He gave you the life that you now claim to be yours.

God was where He was when He allowed you to bask in His sunshine or play in His snow.

God was where He was when He allowed you to benefit from so many things that you now take for granted. You even claim them to be yours: “Mine and my” roll off your tongue easily without respect for THE SOURCE.

Critically, God was where He is now, as by His Grace, He allows you another breath to be able to read this.

God is where He has been before the creation of the world: Everywhere.

If you are really serious about finding Him, you will. He promises to reward those who diligently seek Him.

God created man in His own image. Man was intended to be different from plants and animals. He gave man the option to choose. Free will was to be a special gift for man. We messed up and now that freedom to choose is more like a curse.

The abuse of free will is what causes us to have to endure the bad and the good.

Understanding who God is and His will for our lives allows obedient believers to better weather the storms of life.

Here are some thoughts that I support: