Who has the write of way? ….. A literary masterpiece

Who has the write of way?

A literary masterpiece

(Captured from live rapid exchanges online)

A:  It is frightening sometimes the level of illiteracy. I have come to realize how much of a blessing proper education is and being able to know when you are making errors.

B: The amount of people who confuse “to” and “too” is amazing two me!

C: …and then there is Desmond Tutu…..and ……’s tootoo…..

D: U got me their!

D: Anyone nose what I was doing their?

A: Know weigh! Ewe lossed me as usual!

D: I feel like I am going to laugh until I dye!

E: I’m in tiers over heir.

D: I am still laughing. That was grate!

D: I can’t weight for the next one. I am in suspends.

A: The hole of use are a set of thyme waisters!

D: Don’t pint your finger at me!



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