Are TVET training resources being wasted?

One of the challenges that governments face as they encourage the expansion of enrolment in TVET is the resultant profusion of training providers – each marching to their own beat. The situation is further compounded when on-the-job training and apprenticeship programmes play a major role in TVET delivery.

Duplication of resources to the point of redundancy and inefficiencies of scale is common place. Of equal significance is the diverse curriculum and outputs of the training provider. A plumbing graduate from different providers is likely to have mastered competencies to different levels. This then places employers with the challenge of determining just what do the certificates mean.

Systems that face these challenges can achieve major gains by investing in a comprehensive TVET control system. Such a system should facilitate effective registration and management of training providers.

The TVET control system should also provide all stakeholders with access to a qualifications framework that guides certification to national and international standards. By monitoring and directing the supply side of the labour market equation, governments are better equipped to avoid the wastage of resources in their TVET system.

What are your thoughts?

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 From: Chris Chinien []
Sent: 2011-11-25 12:36
Subject: Re: Are TVET resources being wasted?Dear Trevor,

One way to address your problem is implement rigorous national
certification examinations. Providers that are not successful in getting
their candidates through the examinations will eliminate themselves from
the market. If and when e-learning becomes more widespread we will face the
same problem on a much larger scale. Again tough certification examination
will be the answer.


From: trevor smith []
Sent: 2011-11-25 15:22

Subject: Re: Are TVET resources being wasted?
Thanks Chris,A structured Qualifications Framework and adequate technologies to
effectively manage it is essential.

We have a preference for a competency-based assessment processes. This
focuses attention on observing what candidates can do versus what they
know. This distinction is essential in the TVET domain. In addition,
candidates are able to add competencies to their portfolio over time.

A Qualifications Framework with its bank of qualifications plans is an
important step towards regularizing TVET delivery and avoiding a waste of



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