Sports As A Career

As parents we tend to hammer home the importance of academic pursuit with our children.

“Have you done your homework?” is a staple feature of dialogue with our kids. How often do we hear “Have you run your laps and done your push-ups”? or “Have you completed your batting (or bowling) practice”?

News just out is that the lowly placed West Indies players in the relatively unattractive sport of cricket have just been awarded contracts.

Some pretty ordinary cricketers are guaranteed US$80,000 and US$100,000 per year. That is more than most executives in the Caribbean earn. It certainly outstrips teachers’ salaries by a long shot.

Of course all this is chicken feed when compared to what is now on offer in Athletics, not to mention Basketball and Football.

The message: Follow up on the development of the physical, sporting skills as well. At a minimum, the child will be healthier.

Here is the report on the cricketers who have been awarded contracts.


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