Yohan Blake – another Glen Mills product

The world revels in Usain Bolt’s celebrity and now Yohan Blake blazes to an amazing 19:26 in the 200 Meters. There is a thread that joins the two – Glen Mills.

Glen Mills has a long history of training world class sprinters. He is the coach that guided Raymond Stewart to the Olympic 100 meters final while Stewart was still in school.

Recall also that Mills took over Bolt when there was a national outrage at the fact that a national treasure was being wasted and Bolt was under-performing to an alarming extent.

We should also remember that Kim Collins spent time in the Glen Mills coached Racers Track Club set up.

Now, 21-year old Yohan Blake has run probably the fastest 100 meters ever. Consider, 19:26 over 200 meters means an average of 9:63 for each 100 meters. He ran the first 100 meters so slowly that the last 100 probably dipped under 9 seconds. Certainly the last 40 meters were simply astounding.

Watch out world – Glen Mills is at it again!

Glen Mills needs to get  the global and national recognition that his genius deserves.

Watch Blake’s amazing run here.


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