Chris Gayle responds

Chris Gayle responded to the barbs of the “Doctors” of the WICB with his bat. No need for WIPA’s intervention.

Gayle has been in a war of words and a fair bit of contention with Dr. Hilaire of the WICB and was likened to a Don by WICB Board Member Dr. Beckles. Dons are not looked on with favor and donmanship is being rooted out by the WICB according to Dr. HIlary Beckles.

What is to be noted is how close Chris Gayle is with his Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team mates. Also, the RCB trainer says Gayle lives in the gym. Does not sound like a man who resists training and comes when he feels like it.

In Chris Gayle’s 9 games of the 14 match IPL 20:20 series for the Royal Challengers Bangalore his statistics are as follows:

Runs: 511 (top scorer in the league)
Average: 81.16
Strike rate: 187.17
Sixes: 38 The entire Bangalore team hit 36 sixes for the entire 14 match series!
Fours: 47


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