Can Resisting Temptation be Contagious?

Can Resisting Temptation be Contagious?

According to new research…YES! Many people believe that “self-control” is an individual attribute, and if you are not one of the lucky few that possess this gift, it is unlikely that you will triumph over the battle to resist temptation. However, a new study by Michelle van Dellen, a psychologist at the University of Georgia, concluded that self-control does in fact have a social component and the ability to resist temptation is contagious.

In one study, a group of students watched an individual choose a carrot instead of a cookie, while the other group watched an individual eat the cookie instead of the carrot. Next, the students were put through a test of self-control and those who watched the individual choose the carrot displayed more discipline than those who watched the individual eat the cookie. The behavior of the students reinforces the idea that RESISTING TEMPTATION IS CONTAGIOUS.

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That is one of the great benefits of staying in fellowship with Christian believers!


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