10-step Conflict Resolution Framework

10-step Conflict RESOLUTION Framework

1. Restate other’s comments in your own words to ensure proper understanding. Follow this rule before responding and coming to conclusions.
2. Examine situations objectively. Take care to separate the behavior from the individual and avoid carrying past baggage into new situations.
3. Suspicion, self-pity and stubborness have no place in inter-personal relations. Be understanding, positive, co-operative and humble.
4. Observe rules of fair play and common decency. Character assassination is to be avoided. In all likelihood you will be relating to this person in the future.
5. Lower your voice, if you start to get heated. Monitor your body language to ensure that you present a calm yet confident and determined demeanor.
6. Untie yourself from inflexible positions. Focus on finding creative ways of having your interests met instead of making flat demands.
7. Time is a great healer. Be patient and maintain a positive expectancy that the matter will be resolved soon.
8. Initiate steps to resolve conflicts. Be proactive instead of waiting for the other party to make the first move.
9. Omit malice, lies, deceitfulness and unwholesome talk from the interaction. Be longsuffering and focus on the shared mission.
10. Negotiate with win-win in mind. This is a sounder basis for lasting peace than seeking to overpower the other party.


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