Cues from Life: Lessons from Water

Lessons from Water

On the unimportance of physical make up

  • Water is central to life and does not even have a colour. Why then are people so concerned about the colour of the skin of others?
  • Water is made up of two parts of Hydrogen to one part of Oxygen. Put together in any other combination, something other than water is produced. In this combination, they achieve life sustaining success. Why can’t humans understand that it is not so much a question of any one role in the team. The key is finding a winning combination.

On perseverance

A steady drip of water will wear away even the toughest rock over time. Work away at the things that you want to achieve and you will succeed.

On joining forces

One drop of water is not exactly a frightening prospect. Put enough drops together and we become powerless in the face of on-rushing flood waters. Get together with others to fulfill your dreams!

On flexibility and the development of multiple talents

The mind boggles at the many functions that water performs. Your usefulness increases when you can adapt to different circumstances and when you have varied skills. Develop a desperate need to learn new things… soon like water, you will be in everything!

On purity and contamination

Water is a universal symbol of purity. Yet, water is so easily contaminated. Christians are spotless as they rise from the baptismal water. However, contamination by the world is all too easy. Be thirsty for righteousness.


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