Success with People – DISC Funecdote

School days – Spelling Bee

The SpellMaster calls out D’s word GRASS. D without any hesitation spells out the letters in a confident, strong voice  G-L-A-S-S. The SpellMaster indicates that the spelling is not correct.  D quickly prompts the school coach to protest on the grounds that the SpellMaster did not pronounce the word with sufficient clarity. The contest is halted for some time while this is sorted out, eventually D is allowed to spell another word.

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan…  it’s your turn.” Ivan spells with the rhythm that the audience finds amusing and then does the trademark hesitation and head scratching routine before belting out the last two letters.

S asks the SpellMaster to repeat the word twice and says the word out loud each time. Following the coaching routine, S then asks the SpellMaster to use the word in a sentence. S is now comfortable to start the process of carefully spelling the word.

C repeats the word after the SpellMaster. On getting confirmation that that is indeed the correct word, C asks the SpellMaster for the Greek root of the word. With the radar in place C is able to proceed with the spelling aspect of the process.

Success with People – DISC Funecdotes

Early days – Nursery rhymes

D quickly reads the story of the cow and his leap over the moon. “I am finished Miss. Can I get another story to read?” The teacher leans towards considering D a fast learner.

I sets about colouring the story. The entire scene is played in 3-D mentally. The cow has a rocket placed on its back and it all comes in full color. The teacher wonders if I needs additional help with reading.

S reads the story twice to ensure that it is fully understood and all the facts have been noted. S then starts reflecting on just who this cow might be. What is this cow feeling at this point in time? Is there a family? They must feel proud about him. Miss thinks about adding S to the list of those needing additional work in reading.

C does a quick preview of the story and gets the storyline.  C thinks the story is unrealistic, meaningless and a waste of time. C then asks the teacher for a series of mental arithmetic practice problems. The teacher is somewhat confused but is pleased with C’s commitment and industry.